Modern Day Science and Superstition

Science and Superstition 


Science and superstition — these two positions should be at two completely opposite poles. Surprisingly, the coexistence of these two is still visible in human society. In addition to the unimaginable scientific progress, many superstitions are still in the minds of many people. There is a nest in the corner. On the one hand, extensive science-education is going on, and on the other hand, superstition is going on. Violence. At the same time, in the same society, even in many cases, one has to be amazed at the prevalence of science-education and superstition in the same person.

Advances in science and scientific consciousness

The success of human beings in the pursuit of science is astonishing. Today's civilization has been formed with the advancement of various sciences and scientific discoveries from time to time. People in factories, fast moving vehicles, radios, televisions, computers, etc. The signature of Holnic progress is present. Today research is going on in various branches and sub-branches of modern science. One discovery is proving the creative power of man. But science has improved so much.

Even today, he could not possess scientific consciousness in the real sense. The consciousness that teaches us to see the world freely, to realize the truth, that consciousness is the scientific consciousness. It's scientific

Maybe. This scientific consciousness removes the ignorance of the mind and makes the thoughts clear. By the way, our mental progress has not happened in the way that science has advanced. Exactly. Due to lack of scientific consciousness, we are still slaves to various superstitions.

The existence of various superstitions

Due to blind faith, misconceptions and conventional laws, many people behave in a way that is completely irrational. Sneezing or lizard calls during travel are considered bad by many. Observance of Barbela, Trihasparsha, New Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse etc. The trend continues today. Many people still have strong beliefs about ghosts. Some people become witches in the eyes of people due to superstition. For a person with a weak mentality, the importance of amulets, water reading and salt reading is very high. It is often seen in modern methods of treatment. Besides, amulets or amulets have been tied around Ragi's neck or hands. For many, the death of a deity is considered more important than medicine. There are countless examples of this blind faith and superstition in society. And, the people of the deceitful class fully accept the opportunity of human ignorance and blind faith.

Elimination of prejudice

In order to get rid of superstitions from the minds of people, people need oil with science in mind. Not just the advancement of science or science-education, we want scientific consciousness. There are many people who are professionally associated with science but follow various superstitions step by step. In fact, they have confined science to their profession and have not been able to accept it. Therefore, it is necessary to try to awaken scientific consciousness in all, irrespective of educated and uneducated. In this regard. Of course, some efforts have also begun. ‘Janavignan Jatha’ has been formed, efforts are being made to spread science consciousness across the country. In addition, people are trying in various ways to make people science-minded. In order to eradicate superstitions, various educational institutions and educated people need to be more enterprising.


The triumph of science, as well as the existence of various superstitions, proves that we have not yet been able to adopt science. If science cannot eradicate the darkness of the human mind, then all its contributions to the field of discovery are in vain. Scientific progress will be successful only when people accept science in their minds and become free from superstitions in the realm of scientific consciousness.

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